Posted by: Malpass Oz Adventure | May 10, 2010

Hello World

We are the Malpass Family and back in 1996 we travelled through WA and NT in our VW Combi Campervan and at the time we said that if we ever got married and had a family we have to show them this country. We then went on to travel though Indonesia, Malaysia, India and then living and working in Europe before Ben was transferred to Hong-Kong and then on to Sydney in 2000…

3 kids later we are at the final stages of making it happen. We have been planning (saving) for our trip around Australia and always planned to make it about the time that our oldest son Jake will be 10 -11 and Indianna our youngest will be 5-6 so school wise we thought that it will be least disruptive for them all.

We brought a new 4×4 after 6 months of research in mid 2008 and our Bulloak 4×4 camper in mid 2009 and since then have been out in them both every chance we can get.

We are planning to leave early Feb 2011 and take 12 months to get around…please have a look at our itinerary for more info. We live in the northern beaches of Sydney and plan to rent the house as well as not work so have been saving hard to make it all happen.

We have spent many days and nights reading stories and researching and hope that you find our site useful and helps you to get on with your own plans…



  1. Hi there.
    Just wanted to wish you a fantastic, safe, memorable trip. The benefits of doing this now for the kids will continue to grow as they do. I think mum and dad may also get a kick out of it too….
    barring any catastophic breakdown the Disco will be a brilliant way to see the country and worth the risk in my book.
    have fun and looking forward to your blogs.
    Giles Tovey

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