Posted by: Malpass Oz Adventure | January 21, 2011

D-Day is fast approaching

We knew the last few weeks were going to be manic… and they are!  I’m sitting here writing this in an empty shell of a house.  All of our furniture went into storage yesterday and we have one more night in our home. 

After an anxious week of advertising we have leased our house to a lovely family local to the area who, I am sure, will love living here and will look after everything for us.  They needed to move quickly, so as a result we have ended up homeless a week before we depart.  We’ve hired a great apartment “On the Beach” in Narrabeen… a little bit of luxury before a year of slumming it!

So, the house is rented, the phone is disconnected, the chooks have gone to their new home, Ben’s wheeled the Wollemi Pine to the neighbours, the cat will go to her new home tomorrow and then it’s good-bye to Frenchs Forest.

 Ben and I have one more week of work to go and then we’re spending our first two nights camping less than 5kms from home – at St Ives Showgrounds, just starting slowly, not too far from Bunnings just in case we “need” something else!

 On Monday the 31st January we will leave Sydney and head south, our first appointment is on the 13th February on the ferry to Tasmania for a month.  From there our original plan saw us heading back north through inland NSW and then out to the coast through Toowoomba once we hit QLD. Obviously with the recent flooding EVERYWHERE we will have to seriously reconsider our itinerary.  We may decide to head in the opposite direction and go to WA first… watch this space.



  1. Hey Maria!
    Wow, it sounds very exiting, being homeless for a short period!But in that tunnel you see the light of your great adventure!

    We will soon being in a simalar situation, because we have to move jobwise! At the moment it isn’t very clear where we move to: Singapore or Germany! In couple hours it will be clear and I can picture already to sweat or freez!

    Maybe I will see you at the showground, because sometimes I walk our Vizsla there!

    All the best for you


    • Thanks Karin and all the very best for your move… wherever that turns out to be!


      • Hallo Maria, how are you? How do you feel after your return? We are still sitting in a hotel, while your where traveling around! You must be so lucky to make all so wonderful adventures ! But our hotel situation will be ended soon! We are building a house, because we couldn’t find the right place! So, living just out of suitcases and the whole household is in storage! Well, it’s a different adventure compared to you ! I wish a great start in your home and a restart in your “new” life back! All the best Karin Vollbehr

  2. Hi Maria,

    Hope you all have a very happy departure! What a wonderful adventure and the time has finally arrived! I look foward to hearing all about it as you travel! Love Kylie x

    • Thanks Kylie, all the very best to you through 2011 too. Kind regards, Maria

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