Posted by: Malpass Oz Adventure | February 2, 2011

Good-bye Sydney, hello Australia

We have departed!  Thank-you to all our fabulous friends for coming to see us off on Sunday and for the best wishes from those who couldn’t make it.  I will admit to a tear or two (OK, so maybe a few more)… we will miss you all and hope that at some point we see some of you through 2011.

We are now in stinking hot Canberra, temps of high 30° are not too conducive to camping I can tell you.  Thank goodness for the air conditioning at Questacon.  That’s where we hung out yesterday with the highlight for the boys definitely being the Free Fall, even I managed to have a go… screaming all the way!

Today has been a speed tour through the AIS, Cockington Green, The Mint and The War Memorial.  We were lucky enough to be at the War Memorial at closing time, so got to see the marching out and hear the last post… very moving.

We’ll depart Canberra tomorrow and head to Kosciuszko, I hope the lightning and thunder that we’re having at the moment stops by then!



  1. Stylin’ outfit there, Maria! Good to read your blog – we will miss you at Book Club…

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