Posted by: Malpass Oz Adventure | February 6, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain

Saturday 5th February 2011

How much rain could the rain-clouds rain if the rain-clouds could rain rain?  Non-sensical really because we can certainly tell you that the rain-clouds can rain rain!  We left Canberra on Thursday, after a stormy night there, and have travelled along the Alpine Way to an absolutely magic spot at Geehi (about 30kms south of Khancoban).  We have been camped out near Keebles Hut, beside the Swampy PlainsRriver for the last two nights and there’s been little hold up from the rain for most of that time.  We did get a chance to do school work out in the open yesterday and then the kids went for a swim in the river (with wetsuits as it was a little chilly), but come the evening the thunder storms were out in full force again.

It’s a little daunting dealing with Mother Nature and all her fury with the Queensland and Victoria flood scenes fresh in your memory.  Needless to say Ben or I didn’t sleep all that well, but the kids slept right through all the flashing, booming and pouring rain.

With the rain today we retired to Keebles Hut to get a little ahead on school work.  The kids feel a little ripped off at having to do school work on a Saturday, but we’ve convinced them that if we get ahead on rainy days we can move our week-end to finer days.  Of course Tobey took this offer with both hands and decided that school days should only be on rainy days… always one to get out of a little work if he can!

The rain has continued today and the river has risen so we’ve moved camp and are now sitting around a cosy fire in Keebles Hut.  Thank-you Arthur Keeble for giving us this shelter from the rain, such foresight that you had in 1948! We’ll sleep in here tonight and probably move on tomorrow, the weather is supposed to ease from this evening and we’ll take the Western track out (we came in over the river crossing). [Compare the two photos above, same spot in the river, about 10 hours apart]

There’s a fair amount of wild-life here, loads of kangaroos – even a couple having a box which I think was the highlight for the children.  We’ve also seen rabbits and a fox-type creature (although a little bigger and a fisherman who was in yesterday said it was a dingo-cross) and of course ducks, because it’s perfect weather for ducks!

Sunday 6th February 2011

After another rainy night, although this one under a solid roof, we decided to pack up and leave Geehi, we would love to return here one day when the weather is a little kinder.

The river crossing that we’d come across on Thursday was totally impassable today so we came out on a track alongside the Swampy Plains River.

We’re in Victoria now and there’s evidence of the huge amount of rain they have had everywhere.  Fields are flooded and rivers are obviously swollen.  But what a difference a day makes, it’s beautiful and sunny and I have a feeling that we may even get things dried out a little.



  1. Rain rain go away, come again another day.
    I wonder if it will ever stop, keep safe from the rising water it doesn’t take long to come up. Looks like the kids have a really cool school room, we hope their teachers are really kind to them. Tobey’s idea of schooling sounds good to Poppa, but if you don’t learn your studies you wont get a good job like Daddy, Tobey.
    Have a safe trip out .
    Lv Nanna and Poppa x

  2. You guys are so stoik and inspiring. I really hope the weather clears up for you, I love reading your website, its a real highlight. Keep it up Malpass’s, enjoy!!!. x Lee

  3. Looks like you guys are having fun.hope the rain eases up for you,were trying to put out fires in WA.Will keep following you guys on your trip have fun.Tony,tash,anastasia

    • Thanks guys. Hope the fires aren’t too near you – we’ve only had intermittent news, so can’t figure out where they are in comparison to you. Had a beautiful couple of days weather now… so easy to forget the rain when the sun is shining. Will reassess our itinerary after Tassie though and may come your way first. xxx

  4. Great to read about your adventures. It is inspiring for us to see you going to such wonderful locations. The pictures are really lovely too (I especially like the hut pic).
    Have fun and stay safe.

    Love from the Ganes

    • Thanks Susie, the hut was definitely a shelter from the elements. All the best with your planning. M

  5. Hi Guys, you are amazing. So inspiring…. Stay safe, yes rising rivers rise fast – you will probably get to know all this stuff – lucky your not pommies you would be scared of daddy long legs like martin ….. No news here, just been in the 40s . Phoebe has Mrs Finch this year and Alice has Miss Barnes. Keep safe and keep writing we are loving it xxxx

    • Thanks Guys, speaking of spiders, we woke up this morning to a huge one (well huge by my standards) sitting on the INSIDE of the tent ceiling right above Ben and I. Not happy! Not sure how the little blighter got in, we had all the screen zipped up because of the mozzies. Hope all is going well and everyone is settling back into routine. M

  6. Now then, enough of the pommie bashing…! I regularly catch huntsmen spiders and release them back into the wild (well, the Inner west!). Great reading your progress guys – I’m sure the good weather will kick in soon. Bronchitol got approved in Australia this week so we had a company BBQ with a few beers! See ya 🙂

    • Good news about Bronchitol! Bring on the rest of the approvals! Off to Tassie tomorrow… leaving the rain behind hopefully. M

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