Posted by: Malpass Oz Adventure | August 7, 2011

Half Way

This post was written a few days ago… very little reception to connect to the internet!

As of yesterday (the 31st July) we are officially half way through our year, with 27,000 kms having rolled by and a quick look at the map we are about half way around too, although running three weeks behind our original schedule.  At this stage we were supposed to be at the Bungle Bungles before heading into the Kimberley region. Oh well, better to spend the extra time here and miss something closer to home that we can more readily return to.

Half way around

We’ve spent the last few days in Darwin seeing a little of what the city has to offer, but generally catching up on all the jobs that needed to be done once back in town.  After 12 days of no grocery shopping our shopping trolley was jammed packed and wallet significantly lighter!

We also have new toys… in celebration of Indianna riding her bike on two wheels New girl bike!!!!!!she was able to choose a shiny new girls bike – her previous one was a hand-me-down from Tobey and affectionately referred to as her ’boys bike’.  The purple sparkler that she has chosen could certainly not be mistaken for a boys bike, but it’s not likely to stay shiny for too long, the bikes get a fair hammering from the dust where we have them stored on the front of the trailer.  It was a momentous occasion for Indi to ride her bike, she has been on the edge for so so long, just lacking the confidence to give it a good try, but on the day that Cadel Evans won the Tour de France Indianna launched into the world of big girls bike riding – maybe a sign of great things to come!

New tinny on the roofBen also has a new toy, after the uncertainty of entering the water in our Zodiac on the Daly River we decided to bite the bullet and buy a tinny.  Nothing too massive, enough for us all to fit in and easy enough to handle to put on the roof of the car.  We may look at having it on the trailer at some stage later, but for now it’s perfect on the roof.

And to the sights of Darwin, in no particular order we:

– ate up a storm at the Mindil Markets.  Ben even got involved in the street performing.

Strolling around Mindil MarketsBen helping out the fire jugglerMindil Market treats

– spent an action packed afternoon at the free waterpark at the Leanyer Recreation Park.  This is a fantastic facility with a big pool, younger kids water play area and three big waterslides to rival those of Wet ‘n’ Wild in Queensland – and all free.  Indianna was so much braver here than four months ago when we were at Wet ‘n’ Wild, she went on the big slides with no problem at all and they were pretty fast.

Leanyer ParkLeanyer Park

– strolled around the Museum and Art Gallery that had all sorts DSC_0008 (4)of interesting things to look at, in particular the effect that Cyclone Tracy had on Darwin in 1973.  Then finished the day off riding the waves at the wave pool on the Darwin Waterfront and totally enjoying a pizza dinner.  How we miss our pizzas!

Ben eating his camel T-bone– stopped at a road-side van and picked up some croc and camel to put on the barbie.  The croc kebabs were great, we’ve had those before and they’re really worth having again.  Much to my surprise though the camel T-bone was amazing!  So, so tender and lean and just a really nice flavour, will be having some more camel when we can that’s for sure.

Just a short post this time, but a significant time point for us at the half way stage.  We’re now fuelled up, watered up and fooded up and heading towards Kakadu to give the tinnie a run, it better be a good omen for the fishing!



  1. Go Indianna – love your new bike 🙂 I love reading about your adventures & will go back over them before I take off again so I can follow in some of your footsteps – enjoy Kakadu

  2. What a cool looking bike you have Indy, you will be able to keep up with the boys soon. Looks like you had fun at the Mindil Markets, we hear that there is a lot to see there. And how about that Tinny Ben, hope you catch some fish. We where wondering how many kms you have done. Lots more to go yet.

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