Posted by: Malpass Oz Adventure | May 1, 2012

The Book

It’s been a while, but yes, I am still busy tapping away on the computer – I have just been concentrating on a different project for a while.  In response to overwhelming encouragement by you to my blog entries I have written a book that showcases the top 10 destinations of our year away. The Big Loop. It was a difficult task whittling the list down to the top 10, but I had a great time looking back over the thousands of photos we had taken, remembering the places we’d been.  I hope that you too will enjoy my images and facts of this great country.

Click to preview book

If you are interested in purchasing the book I have a few copies here at a reduced price (just a few for the first in) or you can purchase directly from the Blurb website at  Just email me or post a comment if you would like one of the copies that I have.

I hope you are all enjoying life coming into winter and to those of you still out on the road… lucky buggars! Incidently, this time last year we were in Charters Towers panning for gold!



  1. Absolutely fantastic you are amazing…..

  2. Hi Maria,
    The book sounds great – please e-mail me at

  3. Sounds a brilliant 1st anniversary (paper) present for my husband, how much?

    • $40 for the ones I have here, incl postage. Will send you an email. M

  4. Please keep one for me, send me an email with bank details.


  5. Well done Miss Maria… you are a very positive and motivated person and mummy…!!! very proud to say you are my cousin x

    • You are too kind, must be the Perrett in me… much the same as you!

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