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This page covers items we have from a setup perspective and the reasons we chose them, the places we like around Sydney and the tools and web sites that we found useful through the process….hope it all helps.

Car Setup and products

We brought a new Discovery 3 TDV6 SE in late 2008 and since then have been doing a lot of 4×4 tracks and training. This was one of our biggest decisions which car to get…getting opionions on politics and religion is easier and a quick search on web blogs is always a interesting read. If you ever want to stir the pot just blog the Toyota or Nissan blog “why Disco3 is a better 4×4”. In the end we decided on the Disco but it was between that and a 200 series and given all the issues with the 200 we are happy with the choise. The Disco is by far the best on road 4×4 when it comes to tow performance and handling and since we will spend 70% of our time on the road this was an important factor.

The only issue/concern that I have is in relation to getting it serviced and parts in the top end if I need to as compared to a Toyota or Nissan there are also nowhere near as many fit out option for the Disco. There is however plenty on info on the places to service the car all around Australia on the Disco3 forum, this has been a great reference for me in the setup as well as DIY work, the guys on this forum are really helpful…

Also just wanted to say that for us the Disco3 has been great in relation to performance, economy and reliability. We havent had any major issues and have done 40,000kms now which includes plenty of towing and off-road work.

The other thing that we did was become a member of the NSW RRS club.

This is a great club to be part of and for just over $150 a year you get so much access to information, training, club trips, regular meeting etc. One of the biggest things that I have got from the club is speaking to guys that actually use the Disco for what is was designed to do. The other major is the driver training…these cources are free to members (small donation) and the go from basic to advanced in bush and sand as well as recovery and first aid. The trainers are the best in helping you with 4×4 training as well as all the ins and outs of the car…i just can’t speak highly enough of what a help that have been…If you have a D3 in NSW then get a membership, it’s a no brainer…

So next was getting the Disco setup for the trip, one thing that I didnt want was a bullbar on the front however this decision has been a hassle in relation to adding a winch.

Break controller – tekonsha P3

Tyres – General Grabber AT2


Car Shower – Glind

Canvas and general supplies

Trailer parts

Tracks and places of interest



  1. really enjoying your news. Loved that you met and stalked the Cullens’ what a shame you had to part ways!!! That was a bonus. The photos are fab. THought of you yesterday after Chris had spent a night at Jaxs’ for his birthday sleepover – they also went to Launa Park. Then we had to pick him up from soccer and I though it was Jake running around till I remembered he was not there!!!
    Your photos are divine. What wonderul memories… yes slightly jealous here as the rain sets in just in time for school pick up!! Chris is in the 5b (Miss Barnes) class and there is a 4/5 class also. Alyssa in 3W(new male teacher Mr Wooton) with another comp. being 3/4 (Miss Fox). The Canteen is re-opened and moved venue and Band is now in the new hall – really missing Jake at Band 😦 We just had the P&C welcome bbq last week which went well alhtough down on numbers, a rainy day but no rain that evening… Now your up to date here!!
    Look forward to the next Leg of the Malpii journey.!!
    Sharon xo

    • Thanks for all the goss Sharon, good to catch up on a little WPS news. Jake speaks to Sam and Jax occaisionally, but no decent news coming from the boys! Hope all is well with you and you’re not too busy with everything. M

  2. Hi, We are about to leave Brisbane on our way up to the Cape so you blog was timed perfectly..A question if i may…Is your raised air intake waterproof or is it still in standard factory mode?


  3. Love your blog – we’re not too far behind you!

  4. Hi Guys,

    Your blog is fanstastic with a lot of information, I am so happy for you to have a so wonderfull trip, I hope one day I will do one trip like that with Philippa.

    Life in Frenchs Forest is the same, You will have some new neighbours as the Polish family left for Melbourne.

    Do you plan to come back to Frenchs Forest ???

    Bon voyage,


    • Hi Manny, good to hear from you, looks like things are changing a little in Trigalana Pl! We’ve decided not to come back in January as initially planned. We’re off to QLD to see whether we like living there, but who knows… we may be back at some stage. Hope all is well and we’re sure to see you when we come to collect all our things in February. Cheers, Ben and Maria

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