Our setup

This is the car.

Car Modifications

I havent done too much to the car as the D3 has air suspension but this is the additions so far

  • Landrover Nudge Bar and Driving lights
  • Rackmaster 1.6m roof rack
  • General Grabber AT2 – 255/60/18 x 5
  • Glind car shower (pump11L/min and heat exchanger)
  • Hidden Winch
  • ICOM 440
  • OZ Topo maps and Garmin Nuvi 1450T 5″ screen.

This is the Camper Trailer – Bulloak Outback Explorer

Here are the details of our camper 

  • 12ft off side tent
  • 18ft Annex
  • 9ft Kids Room
  • Raised 50mm Body
  • 10 leaf springs Rebound and shock absorbers.
  • 33″ Mickey Thompson ATZ’s on 16×8″ ROH Alloy Rims
  • 10″ Electric Off Road Brakes
  • TREG Coupling
  • 110lire water tanks (2x 55lt)
  • 2x120AGM Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Wired 12V & 240V
  • True Charge 20i Charger
  • 1200w Pure Sinewave inverter
  • Slide out full stainless steel kitchen with electric water pump
  • MTF-C 60 ENGLE Fridge/Freezer
  • 120watt Solar Panels
  • 4 x Jerry cans 2 water, 2 Diesel

Other bits we are taking

  • Bikes – We need to take 5 Mountain bikes!!! I have mounts for the 3 kids bikes on the camper front storage and our bikes go on the front of the camper spare tyre.
  • 3.2m Zodiac and 9hp Johnson outboard – The Zodiac is a soft keel so the who thing goes in a bag and lives on the roof. The outboard mounts to the camper. The Zodiac can strap to the top of the camper as well as the fact it is a lot more stable with the kids in.
  • Thermal Pot – it is great especially when you are arriving to a camp site late and you can get setup and not have to worry about then having to cook dinner.
  • Laptop
  • Cannon D90 with 18 – 200 lens


  1. Wow, no stone unturned on the prep front – well done guys! Now its time to enjoy!!!

    • thanks mate, have you subscribed to our site which you can do on the home page? i cant see your email in the list and if you dont you wount get automatic emails whe we do an update…

  2. Hi i am just setting up to take myself and my daughter around OZ in a Toyota coaster and i am concerned about the croc factor with using a rubber ducky and was interested in your thoughts, at this stage i am leaning towards swapping for a tinnie as i want to go right up the big remote rivers to do photography.

    • Hi and thanks for the note. I went for the zodiac because I didn’t want to lug a tinny around and figured that I will only use it for 20% of our trip. So far it has worked out really well as it sits in a bag on the roof racks when not in use. The down side is that it is not as rugged as a tinny for things such as hitting a snag etc however it is alot more stable with the kids in. In relation to crocs, its your call where you want to head to and if you are in the wrong spot i would rather be hitting one with a tinny than a rubber boat. That said i will also take an axe handle when in doubt . Good luck with your trip, it is just great being on the road…

  3. Hi guys, I’m envious, and Big Wado would love your setup 🙂

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