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  1. Boss…….what a great idea and inspiration. Where is the buttons on the disco that converts it to a sailboat for you guys to sail over to malaysia? Cheers to you guys and ‘hats off’ to Maria for putting up with your idea.

    • Thanks, I have to put up with Maria more than the other way around. We may be coming to Asia for a few weeks in the middle, so will definitely look you up in KL. Thanks very much, it was great to hear from you… sell sell sell!

  2. Benny boi…. bit of a sooped up car thingy you got going on there. Very flash indeed. Can’t believe it holds all of that!! Very impressive. Don’t know how I would cope without a washing machine though – you know me and my ocd washing fetish problem…. seems to be getting worse as I age. I’ll probably be moving on to washing the neighbours washing by the time I am 50 at this rate. Should have probably seeked some help about that one by now!! Anyway my mate – take care and we will seek you out soonXX

  3. Hey Ben, looks like you guys are living the dream pal. You have some great photos of some very interesting looking areas.
    How is the Discovery running? Take care mate and looking forward to seeing the next instalments of your travels.

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