Our little girl growing up in 2011

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Here are the highlights of Indianna’s news items to her teacher Amanda at Sydney Distance Education Primary School: (click on the links below for the videos)

3rd April 2011, Sharp Park, South-west of Gold Coast

22nd March 2011, Rochester and yabbies

10th March 2011, Strahan and Cradle Mountain



  1. Hello Indianna, have you been having lots of fun. Mummy told us that there has been lots of rain when you were camping and you had to stay in an old hut so you wouldn’t get wet. We hope today is nice and sunny. What sort of animals have you seen. Maybe some Kangaroos.
    You have a nice holiday and send us some photos.
    Lv Nanna and Poppa x

  2. Hi Indi,
    Thank you for my postcard, I really love it. I am going to send you one very soon. I am a bit busy at school at the moment. I miss you a lot.

    • Dear Millie,
      I’m missing you and I really love you and I really like you. I’m having a fun time. We’re going on a ferry tomorrow.
      Love from Indi. xxx

  3. Hi Indi,
    I’m having so much fun at school and I hope you enjoy your holiday and I hope you enjoy your school too. I’ve started jazz lessons and I started news and I have a favourite hamster (Zhu Zhu pet) call Mini and I am going to make a new name for her (??) My school shoes make a tapping sound when I walk and I got a scooter for Christmas and it is almost Arthur’s birthday. Arthur lost his tooth.
    Love Millie

    • Hi Millie,
      Thank-you for my message. I went to the beach today. I want to change your name to “Love-heart girl”. I found a new friend called Joshi and I played with him on the rocks again. I miss you Millie, I love you so much and I really really miss you. Love from Indianna

      • HI Indi,
        I nearly have a new bedroom Indi (upstairs) and I am gonna have fun in the bedroom with you when you come back. Henry is walking and worksheets are very nice (school stuff) and I would like to tell you a knock knock joke. “Knock Knock” “Who’s there” “need” “need who” “need the toilet” !!
        love millie

      • Knock, knock
        Who,s there
        Irish you would come to Dubbo to see me!

        Love Indi

  4. Hello Indianna, looks like you had lots of fun at the Chocalate Shop, and we love the photo of you all with the Caramello Koala. And we saw the photo of you eating the fish you caught, looks real tasty. Hope you are having fun.
    Missing you lots Love Nanna and Poppa Bob xx

    • Thank you for saying that. It was a big fish and I didn’t need any helpl winding it in. Love from Indianna. 🙂

  5. Hey Indi – sounds like you are having heaps and heaps of fun on your big adventure. Do you have a favourite bit of your journey yet?? Caramello Chocolate Koalas are Ella and Emily’s favourite Koalas to eat!! Take care beautiful girlXXXXX

    • Thank=you for saying that, i love chocolate koalas too… any chocolate actually! Say hello to Ella and Emily from me, although I don’t remember them very well. xxx

  6. Dear Indianna,
    I want you to come back soon.
    I miss you very much and I like your face paint!
    I also liked Jake inside his yellow car.
    and I want you to come back now.
    I made a Lego boat at home. I have heaps of Lego at home.
    I also have a new brother called Phoenix at home
    Love from Henry-Lee
    and I have a disco ball at my home Indianna and it’s fun for me.

    • Thank you for saying that but we’re not coming back for a long time. Give your brother a kiss and a cuddle from me, I wish I could see him. Have fun with your disco ball! Love from Indianna.

  7. Hi Indianna,

    It looks like you are having lots of fun. I like the video of you scootering at the skate park.

    I miss you at school very much. It’s school holidays now, and yesterday I went to a reptile show and patted a crocodile (a small one).
    Love from Henry.

    • A crocodile, how amazing! I have never patted or seen a crocodile before – you are lucky! Loce from Indianna.

  8. Hi Indi.
    My Granny Pig has been staying but she has gone now. We went to the Snowy Mountains and we went on the bobsled. It was really cold. I got lots of chocolate for Easter and we had an easter egg hunt with clues – it was soooo easy!
    I miss you. My bedroom is finished but my wall stickers don’t stick. I like it though. Henry is not allowed up there as it is dangerous. He can walk now but he fell over and has a fat lip. We play tip with him.
    love Millie

  9. Hi there Indy, how are you and are you having fun. Mum told us that you have made lots of friends on your holiday. That is really good. We saw some photos of you when you were holding a snake, you must have been really brave to do that and also that one with the draggen on your head. That look really funny.
    I wonder if Dad has caught any fish yet, we hope so.
    We mis you all heaps
    LOL nanna and Poppa xx

  10. Hi there Indy, looks like you are having a great time on your holiday.Poppa and I love the photo of the butterfly that mum took, it is real colourfull. Have you caught any fish with Dad yet or is Tobey catching them all. He must be a good fisherman. You have lots of fun. LOL nanna and Poppa xx

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