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Jake’s Journal
(Michelle is Jake’s teacher)
17 June 2011
Jardine River to the bitumen
This week we went through The Jardine River mouth, Weipa, a big drive day to Laura and now we are back on the bitumen.
At the Jardine River mouth we caught heaps of fish, we caught a 400mm Mangrove Jack, a 500mm Trevally and a 180mm Archer-fish. The Archer-fish was caught and reeled in by dad, the ‘Jack’ was caught and reeled in by Tobey and the Trevally was caught by Tobey and reeled in by dad.
P.S. In Weipa I caught a tiny bream!
10 June 2011
Cape York
This week we were in Cape York and yesterday we got to the ‘tippy top’ of Australia.
The road we took to ‘the top’ was the Old Telegraph Track, there is a lot of creek crossings along the way. I’ll list them here. Palm Creek, Ducie Creek, South Alice Creek, North Alice Creek, Dulhunty River, Bertie Creek, Cholmondely Creek, Gunshot Creek, Cockatoo Creek, Sailor Creek, Scrubby Creek, Canal Creek, Sam Creek, Mistake Creek, Cannibal Creek, Cypress Creek, Logan Creek and Nolan’s Brook.
3 June 2011
Cape York
This week we are in Cape York, we spent a couple of days in Lakefield National Park where I cought my first barramundi. It was fun. We’re now in Iron Range Natrional Park. It is fun here because we have caught up with our friends from Big Crystal Creek. We also found some Aboriginal friends who taught us how to play “Ero” and do some aboriginal dance.
Ero – Ero is played with two teams. To set up the game you put two posts, a spccer pitch length away from each other. To play it is like ‘Tiggy’ except when you touch the post you get a point.
27 May 2011
Port Douglas to ‘Lions Den’
Hello Michelle, This week we’ve become a little bit less stationary (only a LITTLE bit). In Port Douglas we went snorkling, we saw 3* different types of awesome fish (and sharks) that I have never seen before, they were the parrot fish, nemo and a white tip shark. The shark was my first shark at all. The next place we went to was ‘The Lions Den’ pub/camp site, this is where the peoplethat we cought our camper off live.
* Well, not only 3, but millions more.
13 May 2011
Hi Michelle, we’re in Big Crystal Creek (Paradise Waterhole to be exact). It is awesome, we’re 200m from Paradise Waterhole and 2kms up the road were the one… the only… rock slides (natural waterslides).They are soooooooo fun. Here we also met some friends called Sam, Ben and Mad.
PS – suggestion for next cover picture ia a drover.
9 May 2011
This week we went to Airlie Beach (The Whitsundays).
While we were there we went on a one day cruise on a boat called ‘Reef Jet’. We had three stops.  The first stop was at Whitsunday Island, we went on a bush walk. The second stop was just around the corner at Whitehaven Beach. Our last stop was Border Island where  we went snorkelling.
28 April 2011
Hi, Jake here, today I’m writing about the holidays.
First we went to the Glass House Mountains. This is our first camp with Nanna and Poppa!! and it’s also where we got my Jacaru hat.  Next, we went to Fraser Island. Here we saw three dingos (separately). We also caught lots and lots of dart (a fish).
8 April 2011
Hi, Jake here, this week we are in Canungra in a campsite near the river. We have stayed our longest time here (1 week). This was also our base for Movie World, Wet ‘n’ Wild and Sea World. These are the Warner Village Theme Parks.
First we went to Wet ‘n’ Wild, my favourite ride was the never-ending wave. Then we went to Movie World, my favourite thing there was the stunt car show. Last of all we went to Sea World, my favourite ride there was The Jet Rescue.

Wednesday 31 March

Hi Michelle, this week we were in Lightning Ridge.  On Monday we went on an Opal Tour. The Opal Tour took us to some fossicking grounds and we found some….OPAL. We also went in Steve’s mine, where we learned that the shorter you are the easier your job is! This is because the opal is only 1 metre below the sandstone and any excess depth is just so you can fit in! He has been mining for 25 years and the last time he found something valuable was 5 years ago.

On the way to the next campsite (in Nindigully) we went to an emu egg carving exhibition. The emu eggs had a light inside them that showed all the carvings really well.

In Nindigully we caught 11 yabbies and my first fish of the trip, it was too small to eat.

We are now going to Stradbroke Island.

Until next week, bye from Jake.

Friday 25th March

Hi Michelle,

This week was an awesome week because as you can see at the bottom of the page we went to Taronga Western Plains Zoo.  This was fun because we saw lots and lots and lots of cool animals such as elephants, zebras, lions, rhinos, dingos, dwarf buffalos, water buffalos, turtles, koalas, kangaroos, wallabys, giraffes and siamang apes.

We also went to a really, really big skate park which had an artificial skatepark and a big, curvy, wormy bowl with a big full pipe with a closed capsule end. It is the first one of it’s kind in Australia.

Bye. Jake.

Monday 21st March 2011

Hello, we’re in the Grampians this week. Yesterday we went to Hollow Mountain. And we…. HAD TO WALK UP IT!!! It was 1.2 kms of ‘cliff edge…. Rock scrambling’. We were very, VERY tired at the end of the walk.

The day before that we went on an Aboriginal bush tucker tour and I enjoyed that because we learned about what the Aboriginals would have eaten in the area.

We are now out of the Grampians and were on the Campaspe River.

Today we caught our first five yabbies which is kind of an up because we lost our other net, well, it got stolen.

Thursday 10th March

Hi on Tuesday we went on a river cruise down the Gordon River. The river cruise was great because firstly you were on the boat that set the world record for “the most water skiers at a time” (on one boat). Secondly, we got a fantastic, all you can eat lunch, some things you could have were smoked salmon, salad, ham and much, much more. And finally we had two guided walks (very fun J)

The day after that we went to Cradle Mountain where we dis two or three bush walks. The longest on was meant to take 1 and a half hours but we did it in under an hour!! They were extremely fun although they were long.

And today we’re in Stanley and this is where I learned to surf!!


Friday 25th February

Yo, it’s me here, we’re at Coles Bay, still in Tasmania.

Yesterday we went on a walk to Wineglass Bay and it wasn’t just a walk it was a WALK and by WALK I mean a one and a half hour walk from here to there and another one and a half hour walk back. But it was worth it because at the end we got a yummy ice cream.

Once we got back we watched a movie and then went fishing but this wasn’t just fishing because Indi caught her first fish, “YAY”. We also saw a stingray and he was huge!! Turns out that the stingray was called George and he’s been here for more than six years.


4th February 2011

Yo peeps,

First stop is … CANBERRA.

This place is awesome, it’s got (Questacon logo) ,Australian Institute of Sport and cockington green (mini gardens).

So first stop is Questacon.

The most fun thing was the FREE FALL it’s a 6.7 meter vert-slide with a 1meter drop before you hit the slide this drop takes what feels like1millisecond and you have to wear overalls.

The scariest thing was the Guillotine because it looked like a giant knife dropping on top of you but it’s just air.

The coolest thing is the earthquake room we were sitting in a normal house. Then the news comes on with an earthquake warning and the TV goes all fuzzy and the earthquake hits and the ground starts shaking. Then the wall splits apart and now it’s over. This earthquake was 5.1on the Richter-scale.

And we came home with a tasty treat, some space ice cream we tried it for dessert that evening. It was so GROSS but I have officially eaten space food!

Next stop is the Australian Institute of Sport where we got a tour of the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) and when we went to the basket ball courts dad scored a three pointer from the pro line and our tour guide was a high jumper. And guess which is taller a basketball player or a volleyball player? The answer is a volleyball player.



  1. Hi Jake, I hope you have a great time travelling around Australia. Keep in touch

  2. Hi there Jake, sounds like you are having fun. Did you enjoy your stay in Canberra and where did you stay. Hope the weather is not TOO hot for you all.
    Hope you are keeping up with that diary.
    Lv Nanna

  3. hey Jake have an AWSOME time

  4. Hi Jake
    That sounds really cool.
    We started at our new schools a couple of weeks ago. It is a great school but no girls !
    Have a great time,
    Peace out
    From Ethan

    • Yeah, thanks for the message, we’ve only got one more girl at our school than you do. My classroom is portable and at the moment you can see the beach from it. I hope you can cope without any girls! Say hi to your peps from me. Bye

  5. Hey Jake!! Where are you at now matey?? We are really enjoying reading about your big big trip!! How is your new school teacher by the way?? I heard she was one of the best!! Have you got lots of good books to read?? Ella is getting into Harry Potter so was wondering if you like those as well? Emily is just learning how to read. They both have really lovely school teachers as well and Emily is really proud when she tells me each day “mummy, I only got told off once today”!! Lucky I am not her teacher as it would be a few more times that once!! We have your picture on our fridge and the girls are really intrigued at what you are doing. Anyway, we await your next bit of your adventure. Take care buddy xxxxx

    • We are in Victoria now and i’m not really into Harry Potter (its too scary):) but I got through the 2nd book.School is’nt any fun (as usual)
      say hi to every one from…

  6. Hey there Jake, Poppa and I have found you a good recipe for scones or can be done as damper we guess, mum maybe able to help you with that
    Feijoa and Date Scones!!!!!!!!!!
    3cups flour
    2tsp BPowder
    1tsp cinnamon
    2tbsp brown sugar
    zest of 1 orange (optional)
    50gms butter softened
    1cup dates chopped
    4 feijoas (flesh chopped)
    1 egg
    11/2 cups milk (or less) dont make the dough too wet

    Mix the ingedients as you do for scones, add fruit, then mix in egg and milk
    Top with a mixture of raw sugar and cinnamon
    Cut and place on tray or put in camp oven, cook untill golden brown.
    Really yummy

  7. Hi Jake
    I am enjoying your blog!! I am sorry it has taken me a while to subcribe! Is it possible to copy and paste this blog and also post it on our Stage 3 school blog so all our class can read it?
    I am shivering in Sydney and wish I was up in your neck of the woods!
    At the moment we are minding a friend’s dog so my dog Pedro is getting used to sharing his family(us) with another dog, Romeo
    A new student joined our class, Kayla. She is a tennis player and is leaving soon to be coached in Argentina. There is another family the Irvines up your way. Riley Irvine is in our class and they are just heading UP to Cape York.
    (By the way..Most families who travel way up to Cape York have a great time but find it hard to get school work done so if you need an extra week that’s OK!)
    You can follow my adventures over the next few weeks whilst I am in Africa
    Talk to you soon
    Safe travels

  8. Hi Jake, we didn’t get to say goodbye!
    We will see you one day though.
    happy Travels
    Marion & chris

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