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Tobey’s Journal
(Frank is Tobey’s teacher)

10 August 2011

Hi Frank, this week we went on an Animal Tracks Safari and met a aboriginal lady called Patsy. She taught us lots of things, firstly she gave us some water lily seeds, secondly she taught us how to find chestnuts with a hammer, they are as small as your fingernail and look like a small onion, thirdly she through as how to find fresh water mussels with a metal stick, fourthly she showed us some water buffalo and there was a calf, fifly she let us pluck two magpie geese. We had a fire and lit it for 20 people so they could have dinner and for dinner we had barra (barramundi), buffalo, magpie geese and damper. Good bye Frank.

1 August 2011

This week we went in our tinnie and at the first camp we got nothing, but at the second camp we went in tinnie and I got another snag and then I thought I got another snag but then I looked at the line and thought, hmmmmmm why is the line moving? Wow! I’ve got a fish so I reeled it in and it was a saratoga, they have sharp teeth but they are yummy. Dad caught one too and his was bigger and his was 65cm and my one was 35cm.

29 Juky 2011

I went to the Mindle markets and I got a stick of candy floss, Jake got some lemon ice-cream and Indianna got some lemon and chocolate ice-cream and Indianna was full so she gave it to me. We also went to a water park, it was very very very very very very very fun!

22 July 2011

The holidays we did many things. But my three favourite things will have to be… the hot springs, Uluru and playing with Hudson and Baxter. All of it was fun. The hot springs were warm when we were cold, Uluru had water falls when it was raining and cool when it was not raining and playing with Hudson and Baxter was fun. Bye Frank.

1 July 2011

This week we met Hudson and Baxter and the funny part is Hudson is in my class. We also went swimming together, canoeing together and saw some crocodiles. We also saw two snakes. The ython was 3 meters and the small python was 15cm. P.S. Mt Hollow is in the Grampians.

24 June 2011

This week we went to the hot springs at Innot and they were boiling! But it was just a creek. We also saw pyrite fom Spain and al of them are found in the ground in a perfect cube. We also saw the biggest amythist in the world.

17 June 2011

This week we went fishing and I caught a Mangrove Jack and it was 40cm long and it was tasty! I used a lure and it was ectremely hard to wind in. I also caught a trevally and it was 60cm but it was too hard for me to wind in so dad wound it in.  We also saw aboriginal paintings and they were about dingos and spirits. We are now on the bitumen and going towards Mareeba.  Bye Frank.

10 June 2011

Most of this week we were 4.W.D (4 Wheel Driving) and at every creek we made ourselves into mud monsters and washed off in the creek and we went down some very steep hills and some very deep rivers in the car.  We also met some new friends.

3 June 2011

This week we are in Cape York. In both of the camps we have done a lot of fishing. At the first place I caught two barramundi but we could only eat one. Ay the second camp we did not catch any fish. We also met up with the people we met at Big Crystle Creek and also met their cousins and their cousins friends.

27 May 2011

This week we went to the Lions Den Hotel. The people who owned the Hotel used to own our camper trailer. We also got a crab net and then we went to a lake and we saw a crocadile on a river bank. But when we put the crab net in we caught two fish and caught one crab on the fishing rod.

13 May 2011

This week we camped at Big Crystal Creek and met some friends who were travelling around Queensland. Ben was in year 3,, Sam was inyear 5 and Madeleine was in year 7. We went to a rock slide, we also jumped off a rock that was 8 metres!!!!!!!!!!!! into the water.

9 May 2011

This week we stayed at Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays.  We also went on a boat called Reef Jet.  On the Reef Jet we went snorkelling and a box jellyfish was 30cm away from me. We also had to wear stinger suits that made us look like aliens.

28 April 2011

Over the holidays we went to Fraser Island which is the biggest sand island in the world. We made a ladder out of one piece of rope and some wood.  We sat in it most of the day. There was a beach and we caught lots of dart fish and saw some dingos.

8 April 2011

This week I went to the theme parks. On Monday I went to Water World and I went on the fastest slide int he world. On Tuesday we went to Movie World and I got a flat cap. On Wednesday I went to Sea World and I got a shirt.

Wednesday 31 March

Hi Frank, this week we saw some AMAZING things!!! Like cotton plants, they were so fluffy they look like snow on the plants and we saw some on the road so we took it. It looks like this.

We also saw emus and we saw some emu eggs and baby emus. A man gave us some kangaroo skin and made animals and I made a kangaroo, platypus, koala and butterfly.

We also found some opals and potch. The difference is opals are sparkley and usually are worth something but potch is not shiny and never worth anything.

A piece of potch looks like this:                  A piece of opal looks like this:

We also caught some yabbies. They were big, the smallest one was this big.

Bye Frank.

P.S. next term can I have some pictures on my journal heading please.

Friday 25th March

This week was fun because we went to the skate park because it was the biggest one I have ever seen. It had a full pipe and half pipe. We went to the Dubbo Zoo, there were  cheaters, giraffes , zebras, lions and tigers.

Bye Frank

From Tobey.

Monday 21st March

This week I had a fun time. Firstly we did a 1.5 km walk up Mount Zero then we climbed Mount Hollow.  Mount Hollow was scary, when we looked over the edge of the cliff! Last night we put the yabbie net out and caught our first five yabbies!!! But put the baby yabbie back.

Thursday 10th March

This week I went on a boat cruise up the Gordon River. It was fun because we got free salmon and I got to sit in the captain’s seat. Yesterday we went up Cradle Mountain and did a big walk. We saw an echidna and pattedi t. Now we’re in a place called Hellyer Gorge.

Friday 25th February

This week I was sick.  We did a walk to Wineglass Bay, it took us four hours.  We went fishing and Indi caught her first fish and mum cooked it for breakfast.  Today we are going to the chocolate factory.

Saturday, 5th February 2011

I went to Questacon in Canberra and the best thing was the free fall and the second best thing was the Track Attack. The Track Attack is when you are in a big pretend rollercoaster looking at a screen and from the outside it looks like it is just going forwards and then back then to the right and then to the left.  The best show was when a man popped a helium balloon with a sparkler and made a mushroom cloud.

Then we went to Mt Kosciuszko and right now it is the rain’s home.  I hope the next stop is the sun’s home. The river has been getting so high that we had to move into a hut.  The hut was made in 1948 and last year there was a brown snake here. In the hut there is a chimney so we don’t get smoke in our eyes.



  1. Hello there Tobey, it is not long before you start your big adventure around Australia. Poppa and I hope you all have a really good time and that you will email us and tell us about some of the adventures that you will be having. And make sure you take lots of photos with that new camera you have got.
    Lots of love
    Nanna and Poppa x

  2. Hello Tobey, Poppa and I hope you are feeling better after you had a sore tummy. Looks like you are all have a good time on your holiday. Have you caught any fish like Dad yet? You will be going on the boat to main land Australia tomorrow. Maybe one day you will go back to Tamania and maybe able to find a Tasmanian Devel in the wild. How are you going with your school work?
    Missing you lots Love Nanna and Poppa x

    • Thanks, I’m feeling better now. I still have not caught any fish, but have been trying a lot. Love Tobey

  3. Hey Tobey!! Sounds like that Free Fall and Track Attack were lots of fun!! Was the Track Attack like a simulator machine or something virtual?? Who needs TV when you are having as much fun as you guys aye!! Have you caught much fish? What sort of fish are the best for eating?? Did Mum tell you we had a Tsunami warning where we live? Myself and the girls got straight in the car and headed to the hills as we live one street behind the beach. I decided to go and not wait even though there was a small chance we would have a Tsunami. Ella and Emily are happy and well. Emily has just learnt to ride her two wheeler bike. They have two boys as friends a few doors down called Max and Te Maia who come down and play nearly every day. They ride up and down our road like a gang of crazy kids but laugh alot. Anyway matey, let us know what your next bit of adventure entails. Take care xxxxx

    • Tobey was too busy fishing to reply!! Pity he didn’t catch anything though… takes after his dad in more ways than one!

  4. Hi Tobey, this is Ben on my mums computer.

    Your so lucky you dont have to go to school. Wish I could do 2 hours a day.

  5. Hi Tobey,
    We went to Questacon too and I went on the Free Fall thing. It was awesome and I can’t believe people find it scary. It was cool. I came second in the cross country run at school. I went to a party today and we made go karts and raced them.

  6. Hello Tobey, Looks like you are having lots of fun and have been to lots of different places too. We like the hut you and Jake built up in the trees at the beach, did you leave it there when you left? Did you like going snorkelling, the pictures mum took of you all are really good, they will be something that you can look back on when you finish your big trip around Australia. Have fun.
    LOL nanna and Poppa xx

  7. Hey Tobey,
    We’ve been reading your blog, you sure have had some awesome adventures like the big waterslides in Darwin and covering yourselves in mud in the rivers.
    It’s very amazing how Indianna rode her bike on the exact same day Cadel Evan’s won the Tour de France.
    On Monday we went on a school excursion to the rocks and we dressed up as convicts. There is a a new boy at school called Josh and he got to dress up like Captain Arthur Philip and Gabriella and Ryan were soldiers.
    Good luck catching some fish in your new boat.
    from Oliver.

    • Hi Oli, thanks for your message, is the new Josh called Josh Lonstein? If it is I used to go to kindy with him. Playing in the mud was a lot of fun. We have bought a new tinnie and caught two Saratoga in it, which is a type of fish. In the NT, every fish that you catch is legal to keep except for mud crab and barramundi. Barramundi have to be 55cm and mud crab have to be about 15cm.

      Hope you are having fun.

      • Hi Tobey
        sorry that I have not replied to you, we have been busy because
        we are going to Tasmania in 3 weeks!!! cool with a
        k!!! Awesome!!!!!.
        How are you going Tobey? what was it like down in Tasmania I know it is not good fishing down there.
        PS: I hope you like this letter Tobey.
        PSS: No it is not Josh Lonstein it is Josh Park he is from England and he has a sister called Mia.
        And!!! there is a girl from England called Amy in year 3 and her
        brother is in year 6.
        From Oliver.

  8. Tobe-meister,

    Just wanting to wish you a happy birthday and hope your parents treated you to something extra special!


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